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The Hafikoman Passover Program began in 2000 by Beny and Lety

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Beny Z"L and Lety have been in the travel business for a collective 30 years specializing in kosher travel.  After marrying and having their third child, they decided to start this amazing Passover adventure. In a matter of time, they went from not knowing where to even begin with their new adventure to being able to relieve hundreds of family members from the exhausting pre-passover work. 

At Hafikoman, we bring you an unforgettable experience that beautifully combines the physical with the spiritual. Throughout our 20 years leading the Passover Program in Puerto Vallarta, we quickly built a reputation for excellence. At Hafikoman, you truly feel like you are in a warm, friendly environment while enjoying the luxurious amenities of the program.

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